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Friday, August 1, 2008

Links for Data and Statistics

Swivel is a great place to find obscure data.

If you haven't visited swivel yet, you need to take a spin over. Swivel is a statistical junkie's paradise. Random data on economics, entertainment, health, politics, science, society, sports, technology and miscellaneous topics are submitted from the swivel community complete with graphs and pictures. You can find pie charts, bar graphs, links to spreadsheets, polls, information on web 2.0, water pollution, crime, and the top ten and top 100 on just about anything.

Here's some demographic data on blogging that's available through the Creative Commons license:

Thanks to "grjenkin" (makes me think of little gherkin pickles) over at Swivel. I don't know "grjenkin" but looks like he has a great blog for more statistics at "Garry's Blog" . If you're looking for prison statistics and are a fanatic for reform like I am you'll love what he has to offer over at his blog - but even if you're not, Garry provides a wealth of data and statistics that can be applied to a wide array of subjects from MS to photography. If you're a junkie for justice you'll love Garry.

Get Your own Toll Free Number

If you're into free speech, take a look at the advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation by clicking on this banner. You need to make a donation to join but even if you don't, their website has indepth information on current court proceedings involving online activity and free speech.

Better get back to work..Cheers!


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