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Friday, August 1, 2008

Reporting Statistics on Internet, Consumers and Life

Statistics are a core requirement in any writing that must demonstrate credibility. Finding free statistics can be time-consuming and aggravating when you spend hours looking for one statistic to fit in one sentence. That's not efficient use of any writer's time - but I'm addicted to statistics. They are easy to manipulate and they make you sound smart. What more could you want?

My time-consuming searches for statistics have driven me to start this blog. My intentions? To keep some random statistics in a central place that is convenient to me and may be useful to others. (Yes, I have a selfish purpose to this blog.) My dream is to organize them by year, and maybe even track changes over time...but alas, my writing keeps me too busy for that - and besides, I hate math. (Which is why I am a writer and not a statistician.) So if this blog succeeds as a giant bookmark for my random statistical compilations than it's served its purpose. Hopefully, it will help serve a purpose for other writers as well. Off to find some statistics to share...


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