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Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Chemistry and Health Journals

Free statistics from reputable journals are always a gold mine. I know nothing about chemistry except that baking powder, vinegar and red food dye can make a volcano that covers the entire dining room table. But I'm keeping this website for Free Chemistry Journals Directory bookmarked in case I ever need it for any of my writing assignments. College, University, Medical and Science Students can get a lot of use from these too.

Flash news!

Post Script on August 30th that I'm inserting inappropriately in the middle of the post so it's not overlooked!: I just found this awesome website with a zillion links on Chemistry Resources, Journals, Data, Information - everything chemistry. This is not a lightweight list of links either. If you are looking for information on chemistry, I would definitely take a look at Professor Steven Murov's Chemistry Directory. There are too many links to mention - but topics include not only statistics and data on chemistry, but links to sophisticated references to elements and compounds, general chemistry links, detailed chemical information relating to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), resources for experiments - I can't even begin to give a fair representation of the wealth of data on this website. If you want Chemistry data of any sorts - visit Professor Murov's website!

Now, back to the original post:

The Geneva Foundation has a list of Free Health Journals which I can definitely find a use for. If you click on the subtopic, such as Diabetes, it will give you a list of journals on that topic and let you know which ones have free articles and which journals only have some free articles or have other conditions of accessing the journal articles. Wish I had this when I had to write all those health articles!

Haven't really gotten into reviewing this Free Medical Journals website but looks like a good selection of scientific articles of medical studies.

High Wire Press has been a reliable source of information for me. They have free text and paid-for text, but clearly state what's free in the search results. It's so aggravating to do a search and find out after you click on a result that you have to pay for the information - that's one of the reasons I love High Wire because they just tell it like it is.

Here's a website from the University of Nevada with a directory of free journals Library Directory of Free Journals.

I'm sure these Journals have both free articles and paid-for articles with lots of juicy data, statistics and scientific studies that prove and disprove just about anything.

Post Script August 30th: If you need an online tool for Medical Algorithms (honestly, I have no idea how to use this - but it appears to be free and incredibly useful) head over to (short for "medical algorithms" I suppose - brilliant deduction). They also have a link to 40 online calculators for medical related data, including cardiovascular, nutrition, neurology, psychiatry, obstretics and more. These are from the Institute For Algorithmic Medicine and they require free registration.

The Medical Supply Group has everything from diabetic, orthopedic and health supplies,to gloves and medicines - and even wheelchairs and patient lifts. If you're in need of medical supplies you can't find locally, it's worth checking out their website through the banner listed below. HRM USA specializes in monitors of all types and styles, including heart, blood pressure, dieting, exercise and lots of others. The Dot Matrix Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor available at CWI medical gives faster results than the tradition arm style monitors.


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