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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Links to Federal Statistics on Economics from the US Government

The economy is a hot topic in the US - although for me it's more like the country song that sings "Wall Street fell but we were so poor we couldn't tell..." - so I'm really not stressing over the avalanche of crumbling corporations that are filling the avenues of Wall Street.

I've been involved in some articles and research on Internet Piracy and am now addicted to the topic. This blog post was going to be about Internet Piracy - but time is lacking and the research I've collected is overwhelming me now. (But I can't wait to start ranting on the manipulated statistics that the RIAA is putting out and the international bullying that the US Government has been rightly accused of.) As I was browsing this morning I came across some government links that might help someone looking for some offical data on US Economics, the Federal Reserve and all that fun stuff. So, in the spirit of sharing - I do now share:

The Economic Report of the President

"The Economic Report of the President is an annual report written by the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors. It overviews the nation's economic progress using text and extensive data appendices."

Federal Reserve System Website

From their website: "...provides the nation with a safe, flexible and stable monetary and financial system." That's not what I hear on Wall Street. (Is anyone laughing as hard as I am?)

Federal Reserve Board - 12 Districts

"The Federal Reserve officially identifies Districts by number and Reserve Bank city. In the 12th District, the Seattle Branch serves Alaska, and the San Francisco Bank serves Hawaii. The System serves commonwealths and territories as follows: the New York Bank serves the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands; the San Francisco Bank serves American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The Board of Governors revised the branch boundaries of the System in February 1996." Click on the map to enter the website for the individual district.

Department of Energy Price Trends

Includes links to statistics and data on petroleum, gas, diesel, historical energy data and current gas price information.

List of Department of Energy Stakeholders

Includes links to State Energy Websites and Economic Dispatch Reports.

Federal Housing Administration

Mortgage and foreclosure information.

Budget of the United States Government

Ya. Right.

Search Engine Catalog for US Government Publications

You can search by keyword through federal depositories. I did a search for "statistics economics" and there were over 15,000 results.

Search for Economic Indicator Information by Year

"Available from April 1995 forward, this monthly compilation is prepared for the Joint Economic Committee by the Council of Economic Advisors and provides economic information on prices, wages, production, business activity, purchasing power, credit, money and Federal finance." I tested it out and there are plenty of government statistics available in handy dandy data sets.

Energy Information Administration

For official energy statistics from the US Government.

Search Engine and Statistics from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco

Looks like a decent search engine. Links to economic and banking data and statistics.

Louisiana State University Links on Economic Statistics and Websites

List of links to economic journals and government websites (some of which I've listed in this blog).


I don't know where this website came from - but it has links to Federal Reserve, Census and Commerce Statistics. If you need some quick details..this might be worth a look. Some of the data is arranged in timelimes. A little congested, but could be valuable nonetheless.

Which reminds me, can't forget to post the US Department of Commerce Economics link.

Tons of national and international data and statistics on commerce, exporting, importing, employment and all that commerce-y kind of stuff. Links to other US Commerce departments too.

The weather has been in the news as much as government bailouts. How about the Economic and Social Benefits of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Okay, it's not a US website - but there are a slew of statistics...

United for a Fair Economy is a non-profit organzation that supplies interesting economic data in their Executive Excess 2008 Report that dried my (absent) tears for Wall Street.

The report also finds that S&P 500 CEOs averaged $10.5 million in pay in 2007, 344 times the pay of typical American workers. Compensation levels for private investment fund managers soared even further. The top 50 hedge and private equity fund managers averaged $588 million each, more than 19,000 times as much as typical U.S. workers earned.

This report was created in collaboration with the Institute for Policy Studies. The IPS has substantial data in pdf report form on their IPA Reports link such as Analysis: U.S. Department of Energy Budget FY 2009, Debt and Trade and Challenging Corporate Investor Rule.

The ten year old website Global Issues is a rich resource for data on poverty, economics, trade, health and thousands of other topics including these (approximately) 67 links on Poverty and Economics. Okay, I admit, I'm not that poor, especially by international standards. And as long as I can pay my internet bill I'll be happy. A steady supply of coffee and chocolate is a luxury/weakness I find hard to do without. (Yes, I do try to buy Fair Trade products - but I'm in the boonies here.)

Back to the rich executives. Need market information? Okay, there's a zillion or more websites with market statistics. The Wall Street Journal has their website Market Watch which pretty much reports everything you're likely to read anywhere else anyhow.

Hope these can be of some assistance to you. These websites (and other references for statistics) are included in this blog's "Search for Statistics" search engine at the top of the page. So if you're looking for some quick statistics, it probably wouldn't hurt to do a search in our search engine first. If you need more links on energy statistics, check out our post on Oil and the Russia Georgia War.

I just read there was a rebound in the stocks. So, while you're having fun letting visions of numbers run through your head, I'll be heading off to check my virtual stocks. (They're much safer.) Have fun with your search! (And always feel free to comment if you need help finding something and maybe I can help.)

Post script September 19th 2008: Just want to add this link I just read from a DIGG submission: Salaries of Today's Wall Street CEOs.

Post script September 27th 2008: Saw this government economic analysis website that is just stuffed with statistics! It's called "Shadow Government Statistics" by John Williams. If you're looking for heavy-duty economic analysis you want to follow John's shadow!

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