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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Statistics on Oil and the Nations at War

Oil and war go together like religion and war. The Georgia-Russia war is affecting some prime land for pipelines. For international energy statistics, the Global Education Project has facts, bar graphs and lots of stats on World Energy Supplies, and has an incredible amount of information on just about any physical aspect of the earth you can think of. The US has their Energy Information Administration website with "Official Energy Statistics" by the US government. And for a less biased report, BP has their "Statistical Review of World Energy". The International Energy Agency has some free statistics available for download - and some pricey statistics. You can search statistics by country at their website - and Georgia's profile offers more than a few free .pdf files with relevant data.

Where is all this leading? You can pay a visit to Earth Trends to find out. Maintained by the World Resources Institute, Earth Trends data tables identify trends in our earthly resources, including Energy and Resources. You can also review the free publications on energy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and review congressional testimonies. There's also free publications at the Centre for European Policy Studies.

The Energy Citations Database has a search engine to over 2.3 million research citations. The Information Bridge is a similar search engine, but on a broader range of topics. A search for "Georgia Russia" brought up over 1500 results, however "not available" was an attribute that was assigned to more than a few of them. Those two search engines are both gifts from the Office of Scientific and Technical Information by the US Department of Energy. They also have a Science Accelerator free to the public. Of course, don't forget to find information from Astronomy to Zoology.

The search engine on our blog searches only websites with statistics, so you won't get bogged down with a list of stores and irrelevant results. All the websites listed above are included. Bookmark us so you can use our search engine for your research!

Now if someone could just use those statistics to lower the price of gas and end a few wars our kids would be much better off.

Post Script August 21, 2008: Statistics and theories on International Conflict and be found at Gary King Professor of Government at Harvard University: Evidence, Theories and Legal Ramifications of International Conflict

Also see my short blog post on Slavery of Georgians by Russians for more links and statistics on the Georgia Russia conflict and links to statistics on slavery.

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