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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Religion and Politics

Religion and Politics, War and Peace - Why can't we all just get along? The Russia and Georgia (the country) war is all about politics - seems to me like it's the big guy picking on the little guy. The Middle Eastern wars are without a doubt a mix of politics and religion. Found some great websites for statistics on religion and politics. Adherents has tons of religious demographic data and some interesting trivia on religion. You'll find not only the countries of origin for many world religions, but also the religious affiliations of government officials, entertainers, and Nobel Peace Prize winners. Want to compare religious statistics with politics? Head over to the White House and check out their page on Social Statistics. If you really want some juicy details, visit the Department of Justice. If want to correlate more data on refugees, head over to the University of Michigan's website on statistics. You'll also find plenty of statistics on politically popular statistics like abortion, science, segregation, terrorism, social security, education - and of course religion. They also have a wealth of data on community indicators and personal lifestyles.


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