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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Journal of Official Statistics - Sweden and International University Listings

Statistics Sweden is the official statistical office in Sweden. Their office publishes the FREE journal "The Journal of Official Statistics" which is an open access journal - which means you can use the articles pretty much however you like. (A link or reference to the original source is always proper etiquette though.) Technically speaking, direct from their website they state "The journal publishes articles on statistical methodology and theory, with an emphasis on applications." I admit, when I looked at many of their articles, I had no idea what they were talking about from reading the titles. However, after browsing through, I found some nice little tidbits, like a study on how perceived privacy affects one's answers in surveys, and another survey study which has statistics on surveys conducted within a business. Nothing like gathering statistics using surveys to evaluate the efficiency of surveys!

The "World Wide Web Virtual Library Statistics" Page which is provided by the The University of Florida's Department of Statistics has hundreds of links on Universities from around the world that provide statistical data, schools of statistics, and departments that are developed for the study of statistics. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Statistics, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Statistics are just a few examples.

I think I want to travel around the world and gather statistics on the prettiest Universities - wonder if anyone will hire me?


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