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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mesothelioma and Cancer Links to Statistics and Clinical Trials

Mesothelioma, which often follows asbestosis, is rare. But since I have a writing assignment on these topics, I thought I’d share some websites. I really wanted to do a post on refugees – and still have it planned for the future – but I’ll need more time. Since I had an electric problem in the house that led to living over a week with no electricity and some overdue deadlines, I had to force myself to skip my blog writing. I found it interesting that while I was gone my blog post on Plane Crash Statistics was the most popular post. Kinda wish the people were searching for ways to stop world poverty instead. And I wish this war in Congo would stop. Every time I read articles on refugee children and orphaned babies I want to cry.

Back in the US, and other areas of the world, some of the older folks are suffering from a cancer called mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is caused from exposure to asbestos, although cases have been reported where asbestos exposure wasn’t evident. Asbestos use has not been eliminated, but it is subject to regulations in the US and many parts of the world. Unfortunately, there are many countries that have not yet regulated its use. The statistics for mesothelioma are grim, and survival is usually estimated to be less than a year after diagnosis. But there are survivors and stories of hope and survivors. Clinical trials, persistent research, and ignoring statistics seem to be the secret to mesothelioma survival. In the hopes of helping someone find treatment, I'm going to end this short post with some links that will help in a search for a clinical trial. Time is short. The faster people can find information for help, the greater the possibility of a cure.

If you're worried about asbestos in your home, You can easily order an Asbestos Test Kit to test for asbestos in your home. This at-home asbestos kit is under $10.00, and only costs $20.00 to get test results that meet (and exceed) EPA standards using the latest polarized light microscopy. A home mold testing kit is available for the same price, as are other home health hazard kits that can notify you of harmful invisible dangers in your home. Each of these test at home kits are far cheaper than the hundreds of dollars it would cost to have an inspector investigate your home (plus their laboratory fees) - yet all testing follows the same EPA standards.

Do you know someone who has had mesothelioma? There might be compensation available through a Mesothelioma trust fund.  You can also help them find clinical trials for treatment.

Please forward these links to anyone who might be suffering from mesothelioma, asbestosis, or any type of cancer. The secret to successful treatment might just be hidden inside one of these links.

Clinical Trials.Gov
Clinical trials in the US and around the world.

Clinical Trial Listing Service.

National Cancer Institute
Search box for clinical trials all cancers.

Cancer Centers
Link from to Cancer Centers.

OncoLink.Org Clinical Trial Search
From the Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvannia

Onco Treatment Matching Service
Get some help finding clinical trials.

NCI Resources
Professional Information on Treatment Studies.
Links from OncoLink to Global Services
Find trials around the world.
List of Clinical Trial Websites for Many Cancers. US and Global Links.

European Organisation for Treatment of Cancer.

Asbestos Cancer Online
Very nice list of websites for mesothelioma clinical trials.

Mesothelioma Research Institute of America
Many mesothelioma links and clinical trial openings and results.

Statistics and Advice on Mesothelioma
Clinical Trial Link email addresses (from 2005 - may be outdated).

Mesothelioma Information and Research Group
Very nice list of clinical trial contacts and resources.

Mesothelioma on the Web
Current clinical trials, clinical trial information and mesothelioma information and resources.

Flinders University
Australian resources for clinical trials.

Prevent Mesothelioma
List of clinical trial resources with addresses and contacts (no direct links - but still valuable if current).

Mayo Clinic
Mesothelioma clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic.

University of California Clinical Trials
Clinical trials at this university.

University of Texas Medical Library
List of Clinical Trial Websites (some are listed here).

There's going to be a lot of repeats within these lists - but each link leads to more links - and hopefully the links will lead to a cure.


Kevin November 16, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

Exposure to asbestos in the past has often been found in the most unlikely of places. For instance, hand-held hair dryers used asbestos in them for years to prevent overheating of the heating element. As a result, millions of women were exposed to asbestos on a daily basis.

Adina February 11, 2010 at 6:14 AM  

It was not just women who got exposed to asbestos,Kevin, there were a lot of men who worked in the navy, plumbers, firefighters and a lot more who thought they were working with safe materials, when in fact they were prone to death,painful death.
From what I read, I saw that there were persons who were high on the social-economic ladder, smart people who achieved a lot, who worked for just one summer in a plant to get some extra cash and they got's so sad.
I saw all these precious links in this blog and I couldn't stop myself from adding this one:
it's about doctors all around the US, as I believe that any victim of this horrible disease needs to find the right doctor, both for the body and soul.

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