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Monday, August 25, 2008

Statistics on Education and Statistic Websites with Search Engines

The government's census website isn't the only website available to gather statistics on the U.S. and education. I stumbled on some websites today that have search engines for statistics, graphs, and all kinds of educational statistics, employment statistics, economy statistics, lifestyle statistics and more.

Since today's the first day of college for most kids (adults), I thought I'd post some links to websites and journals on education. There's millions of websites that have educational data - but these are just a few that can give someone a head start on their research:

The National Center for Educational Statistics
is a government website with a consortium of statistics on education. Fast facts ($489 billion dollars will be spent on education, enrollment is up for students under 25, over a million children are homeschooled), as well as detailed data tables and graphs are available. You will likely find the statistics you need at this website faster than the US Census website.

Today I stumbled on which has educational statistics on assessments, race, gender, grade, expenditures, public libraries, and other links to economy, housing, crime, immigration, sports and a few others. (Even the presidential election.) Definitely worth a visit. Just for kicks I tried "homeschool" in their search engine and there were no results. However, the website is chock full of statistics on education and up-to-date information on today's society.

The people at Statemaster also have - a very comprehensive and useful website for educational statistics and international statistics on society. They describe themselves as:

"a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, UN, and OECD. Using the form above, you can generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease."

BBC World and New York Times both paid high compliments to Nationmaster.("A statistician's dream.")

The creators of Nationmaster and Statemaster have also created some great search engines for information and statistics at Factbites and a wiki search engine that searches over multiple wikis at Qwika.

The American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group has a Long List of Free Journals on Education. EdInformatics has links to educational journals - all of them are not free access though. Still, there are a good number of quality links.

The Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) has long been one of my favorite websites to visit and is a wonderful source. Good 'ol Wikipedia even has a resource for education statistics within their listing for Free Online Journals, including Australasian Journal of Educational Technology that offers free access to all articles that are over three months old, and Educational Technology which is a free open-access journal.

And since this blog is about statistics - I can't leave out the free open-access journal of The Philosophy of Mathematics Education. Philosophy? Mathematics? Interesting combination. Here you'll find a link to Social Constructivism as a Philosophy of Mathematics: Radical Constructivism Rehabilitated.

Mathematics Teacher has very limited free access, however they do have free previews - which amount to a free download of one or two articles. This month, it's Squaring Matrics: Connecting Mathematics and Science. The articles in Mathematics Teacher are reasonably priced though. The Evolution of the Cartesian Connection by Gail M. Anderson is only $6.00 to download. (Maybe worth it if you know what a Cartesian Connection is. Let me know when you find out!)

Hope these links can help you with your quest for statistics on education. Don't forget the search engine on this blog is set up to search only websites with statistics so give that a try too! It's updated frequently - so make sure to bookmark this blog to help you with your research!

Happy Learning!


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